Very interesting food for thought for anyone on either side of this debate!

Freedom to a Full Life

I recently watched an interview with author, Lawrence Krauss. His book “A Universe from Nothing” is causing a stir for many who reject the Big Bang Theory. What grabbed my attention was his theory that there can be “nothing” and then suddenly be “something”. So today I read excerpts from the book and while I don’t agree with his philosophy, he makes some valid points in favor of the spiritual principle that we create our world with our thoughts. And I’m sure from the interview and the book, he had no intention of endorsing anything spiritual.

This post is really not about his theories but more about my ideas after considering his theories. He is obviously an extremely intelligent person and I learned quite a bit of sound scientific knowledge from the excerpts I read. But what I do best is find the spiritual component in any theory.

I have…

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